Met Safe-T advanced USB LED light cover for Met helmet


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Increase your visibility in the dark with the MET USB LED Light. It fits tool-free onto MET and Bluegrass helmets with the Safe-T Advanced fit system. The adjustment dial remains accessible even with the light mounted.

Intelligent Nightsafe Mode The integrated light sensor switches on LEDs automatically in darkness and lowlight conditions and turns the light-off when exposed to daylight after a safety period of 15 seconds. Choose between Nightsafe mode and 4 other blinking modes including steady light.

500 meters visibility Six bright LEDs emit light in an angle of 180 degrees, providing superior visibility in urban conditions, up to 500 meters.

Long-lasting and easy to charge In blinking mode the battery last up to 4 hours. Steady light lasts 2,5 hours. The lithium battery is easy to re-charge via Micro-USB.

Rain resistant and lightweight As a true outdoor product the Safety-Advanced USB LED Light features a water-resistant casing. It has a very light weight of only 13 Grams.

op Features of the MET Safe-T Advanced

Visibility: 180 degrees, 500 meters
LED: 6 high intensity red LED
Lumens: 25 lumens
Recharge: Rechargeable via USB Micro-B port
Cable: USB Micro-B to USB A cable included
Water resistant
Compatible helmets
2017 range: Rivale, Manta, Lupo, Parabellum, Parachute. Bluegrass Goldeneyes.
2016 range: Inferno,
2015 range: Estro, Inferno, Stradivarius, Sine Thesis, Veleno, Kaos, Parabellum, Parachute. Bluegrass